Kapnag Plumbing Since 1925
Since 1925, Kapnag Heating & Plumbing Corp. has provided the highest quality heating and plumbing services and solutions to residential and commercial clients in New York City.
With our team of experienced mechanics and attentive full-time office personnel, led by our licensed and hands-on owner, we pride ourselves on honest interactions with clients, and integrity throughout the Kapnag organization.
Our client’s satisfaction is our ultimate goal and our best referral.
Licenses & Certifications

New York
NYC Licensed Master Plumber #1349
NYC Licensed Fire Suppression Contractor #404B
State of New York Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester
Department of Housing & Preservation, and Development for lead safe work
NYFD S12 City Wide Sprinkler Certificate of Fitness
NYFD S13 City Wide Standpipe Certificate of Fitness

Testing and Inspections 
Certificate of Occupancy Inspections
Sprinkler Testing – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual & 5 Year
Standpipe Testing – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual & 5 Year
Backflow Device – Installation & Annual Testing

Flushmate toilet systems
Authorized Service Representative and Parts Distributor for Sloan Flushmate

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