KAPNAG Heating & Plumbing Corp. has been providing licensed heating and plumbing services to the commercial and residential markets since 1925. We employ highly talented mechanics with extensive plumbing knowledge that can service any of your plumbing or heating needs.

Residential, commercial, hospitality or industrial; inside or outdoors; rooftop or basement/cellar; commercial kitchen or single range; regular business or personal hours; evenings, weekends or holidays; we look forward to meeting your needs


We offer a wide variety of plumbing services, which includes installing, repairing, and servicing fixtures, risers, stacks, returns, tanks, and any item or system that can and is categorized as plumbing.

Our team of mechanics and helpers are neat, courteous, professional and proficient. Whether it’s a repair, renovation or new installation, we are ready to provide the service.


At Kapnag we specialize in commercial and residential heating systems and maintenance.

Our company is routinely called upon to diagnose, report and repair complex heating issues associated with one and two pipe steam systems in NYC. If you need to rid a building of constant “banging”, provide steam to isolated risers not getting hot, work with Con Ed to shut and repair city steam supplies, install steam regulating valves and traps, or any of the other heating issues common to buildings in NYC, we can help.

Fire Suppression

In the past few years, New York City has updated their fire suppression regulations resulting in many buildings receiving violations for not having or maintaining proper sprinkle, standpipe or combination systems. We here at Kapnag have the proper certifications and experience to correct your sprinkler, standpipe or combination fire suppression systems to prevent violations and fines.

We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and 5 year inspections, at a reasonable price. Kapnag also installs new fire suppression systems.

Backflow (Installation and Inspection)

Much like fire suppression systems, over the past few years, New York City has changed their regulations regarding cross connection control systems. We work with buildings and engineers to install new backflow systems that are compliant with these new laws. After installation we offer the necessary annual inspections of the system. Even if another company installed your backflow system, we can still complete your inspections.

Licenses & Certifications

New York
NYC Licensed Master Plumber #1349
NYC Licensed Fire Suppression Contractor #404B
State of New York Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester
Department of Housing & Preservation, and Development for lead safe work
NYFD S12 City Wide Sprinkler Certificate of Fitness
NYFD S13 City Wide Standpipe Certificate of Fitness

Testing and Inspections
Certificate of Occupancy Inspections
Sprinkler Testing – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual & 5 Year
Standpipe Testing – Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual & 5 Year
Backflow Device – Installation & Annual Testing

Flushmate toilet systems
Authorized Service Representative and Parts Distributor for Sloan Flushmate